High-hardened Steel EN 10132

Specific qualities to obtain high core strength and surface hardness following the appropriate thermal treatment, which offers high fatigue and wear resistance in the surface area whilst maintaining a high impact resistance in the central area.

EN 10132

Standard Steel type Re (N/mm2) Rm (N/mm2) Al% (L=80)
EN 10132 C10 E max 345 max 430 min 26%
C15E max 460 max 450 min 25%
16MnCr5 max 550 max 420 min 21%
20MnCr5 max 570 max 440 min 21%

Hardening and tempering steels EN 10132

Wide range of qualities possessing a carbon content higher than 0.2% for different applications where the final material properties are acquired following heat treatment. LAMINCER offers restricted chemicals and mechanical workings under preliminary study.

EN 10132

Standard Steel Type Re (N/mm2) Rm (N/mm2) Al% (L=80)
EN 10132 C22E max 400 max 500 min 22%
C35E max 430 max 540 min 19%
C40E max 440 max 550 min 18%
C45E max 455 max 570 min 18%
C50E max 465 max 580 min 17%
C55E max 480 max 600 min 17%
C60E max 495 max 620 min 17%
27MnCrB5 max 460 max 580 min 18%
42CrMo4 max 480 max 620 min 15%

Spring Steels EN 10132

Amplio rango de calidades para aplicaciones de muelles donde se combinan la exigencia de resiliencia y alta resistencia.

EN 10132

Standard Steel type Re (N/mm2) Rm (N/mm2) Al% (L=80)
EN 10132 C55S max 480 max 600 min 17%
C60S max 495 max 620 min 17%
C67S max 510 max 640 min 16%
C75S max 510 max 640 min 15%
51CrV4 max 550 max 700 min 13 %

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